2.37 - Changelog

2.37 - 4/17/2021


  • REROLL_MESSAGE added to message file.

  • Recoded how startup countdown works to hopefully fix the issue with duplicate countdown messages.

  • Rerolls command added. /rerolls (no permission)

  • Reset data command added (fate.resetdata) - /resetdata all (currently will delete all data, per player deletion coming soon.) - (BGHDDEV-27)

  • You may now configure the golden head regen amount. (BGHDDEV-172)

  • You may now run a console command on game end. (BGHDDEV-173)


Config Changes

(add to config.yml)

REGENERATION: 2 #effect -1 (If you put regeneration 2 here, it will give you regen 3)
DURATION: 10 #seconds

(add to lang.yml)

REROLLS_LEFT: "&eRerolls left &f<rerolls>&e!"
REROLL_MESSAGE: "&eYou've received random kit. &7[Click here to reroll]"