2.34 - Changelog

2.34 - 2/22/2021


  • MongoDB is now default.

  • Recoded the way player data is loaded and saved.

  • Fixed player data resetting when the user joined as a spectator.

  • Fixed voting scenarios not being enabled correctly.

  • Kit Editor mode added via /kiteditormode so you can create new kits without leaving lobby.

  • Start countdown setting will now apply correctly.

  • The sit/riding system when the game starts can now be toggled in the config.

  • All messages in the language file now support PlaceholderAPI.

  • If a user leaves game during a fight the player fighting them will be credited with the kill.

  • Fixed issue where spectators could get EXP.

  • Fixed issue where users could join during scatter.

  • Added blocked interaction blocks to lobby.

  • Recoded how the console messages are sent.

  • Added update checker. Permission: fatemeetup.update

  • Fixed metrics.

Config Changes

Add this to your lang.yml

ENABLED: "&aKit editor mode has been turned on, you can now move items around."
DISABLED: "&cKit editor mode has been turned off, you received your join items."

Add this to your config.yml

#Players will be blocked from interacting with these blocks in sepectator mode. Please use the Material name not ID's.
#When using WorldBorder this may break, this is due to their event handling and cannot be fixed currently.